Don’t Get Caught Son

Dexter Morgan is a busy man these days, constantly on the run, avoiding everyone around him except his own son. The reason being is that he is taking care of business concerning his latest victim. Dexter may think he’s on edge, but he is showing signs of rust, as this latest job does not go as planned, leaving him in a tough spot.

“Beauty and the Beast” is an intense episode to say the least.  Now that Dexter has to get out and kill those who have killed others, he needs someone to watch his baby boy, that is why he hired the perfect nanny.  This makes things a whole lot easier for Dexter because he can focus and finish the job on his latest victim who appears to enjoy stuffing dead women in barrels.

When Dexter encounters his victim, an interesting scenario takes place that can potentially get him caught, which leaves the question on will Dexter get out of a tough spot, or will he find a way to come up with a smart plan, escape his troubles, find the victim and take him out?

Meanwhile Debra and the Miami Metro have some serious murders that they are investigating.  It seems that there are more decapitations taking place and no leads yet as for who is responsible. Quinn continues to prove that Dexter killed Rita, by looking at sketches released of Kyle Butler. When Quinn see’s the resemblance between Dexter and Butler he continues to get more curious.

Towards the episode’s climax, Dexter discovers that a mysterious woman has caught him in the act.  He’s just  broken a very important code, given to him by his late step father Harry Morgan- never get caught.

It will be interesting to see if Dexter will get out of this jam. Can you say Houdini act?

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