Last Week in Free MP3s 10-05

“The Hair Song” – Black Mountain

From their latest album Wilderness Heart, Black Mountain is continuing their psychedelic/rock sound. Its heavy metal with quiet moments strung between. The eclectic mix works here, though it runs a minute too long.

“Empire” – Jukebox The Ghost

“Empire” is the type of song that has a melodic rock sound, but the second it’s over you forget about it. Still it is free and while it’s playing you’ll enjoy the experience.

“Stranger in the Window” – Elf Power

Some songs have subtleness to it that are reminiscent of a lullaby. Then there’s “Stranger in the Window.” It’s the sort of track that will leave you comatose. Skip it.

“No Intention” – Dirty Projectors

The beat to “No Intention” is definitely an attention grabber. But it doesn’t last long as the lyrics are too pedestrian for the original start.

“Can You Tell Me” – Matt Costa

Remember Del Shannon’s “Runaway?” It had this cool vibe and was a theme song for the short-lived series Crime Story – well go find that song instead. Whether purposely done or not “Can You Tell Me” is a crude imitation.

“Shine” – John Legend and The Roots

Why haven’t you downloaded this yet? After all it’s John Legend and The Roots. To date they have the only decent rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Wake Up.” So get it – now.

“Skit I Allt” – Dungen

There are songs that you save just for driving in your car or while you’re in the shower or even picking up after your dog. “Skit I Allt” isn’t worthy of any of that. Don’t waste your time with this sing-song track that goes on far too long than it does.

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