Merry Christmas From Mariah

Move over salami wearing Lady Gaga, step aside Elmo-loving Katy Perry, the diva is back this holiday season to show you how it’s done.

Mariah Carey is back with her much anticipated “Merry Christmas II You” set to be released in stores November 2. However, the Island Def Jam recording artist decided to spread the holiday cheer a bit earlier than that, by releasing her newest single off the album, “O Santa” this month.

Sixteen years ago, Carey made holiday magic with her infamous song, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” To date, this single has sold millions, and according to billboard, is ranked one of the highest selling ringtones in history.

So can Mariah replicate the popularity of her previous Christmas album this coming season?

“O Santa” is an upbeat holiday song that will have you dancing and singing at your next Christmas party. The plea to Kris Kringle is sweet, “Santa won’t you come and make him mine this Christmas”? cheery, fun, and catchy.

Like “All I Want for Christmas is You,” her chorus has the tinsel touch to become a holiday favorite. The track is signature Carey, offering her fans a fantastic melody, her high note finish, and a strong set of creative lyrics.

Is this the next number one? It’s hard to say; it’s certainly a hit, but the overall response may not be enough to crack the top ten. While the song offers a delightful holiday cheer, the track nonetheless fails to showcase her true vocal range. While Carey has stated in the past that she is not all about belting out the vocals as often as she used to, the “new” Carey sound doesn’t seem to give fans what they were used to back in the ’90s.

Hopefully, this track is a good representation of the album. Carey has promised upbeat songs, as well the more serious carols sung by a church choir such as, “O Little Town of Bethlehem” and “Noel.”

Here’s to a Mariah Carey filled Christmas…

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