‘My Heart Skips A Beat,’ by The Secret Sisters: Free I-Tunes Single of the Week

Not only do the Secret Sisters manage to bring back the old fashion look of red lipstick, curls and ‘I Love Lucy’ outfits, but the genre in which they perform appropriately suits this particular style of theirs.

The title that they give themselves makes a lot sense, seeing that they are actual siblings. Laura and Lydia Rogers are highly recognized for their passion towards country, folk and indie relations.

Though the Secret Sisters have only recently been announced as actual musicians in October 2010, they have already had the amazing opportunity to work with legendary producer/songwriter, T-Bone Burnett and Jack White from The White Stripes.

The single, “My Heart Skips A Beat,” is the sixth song off of their self-titled debut album. It presents the cutest vibe of free spirited love for country music.

The Secret Sisters vocals are similar to that of Patsy Cline’s; beautifully and confidently harmonized.

This track exposes their shared thoughts and emotions that they both must have had when falling in love. The lyrics that they picked are simple, sweet and to the point.

Without hesitation, many can relate to the nervousness and overwhelming feelings that a person may get when surrounded by a certain individual.

Originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, it’s clear as to why the Secret Sisters chose the background music that they did.

This tune is filled with lively guitar and banjo riffs that are naturally amusing to the ears.

Not only is the music itself charming, but the entire sound is able to work effortlessly with the sisters’ articulation and message.

For those that appreciate artists, such as Jimmie Rodgers, Loretta Lynn and The Carter Family, “My Heart Skips A Beat” would automatically be considered a wonderful addition to the music scene’s modern country approach.

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