Thoughts on the Season Six Premiere of Supernatural

Living his life, a normal one, where you go to work, spend time with your friends and lock the doors at night is where Dean is content. Yet something is just not right. What happens when a container of salt, the trunk of your car and heavy machinery only remind you that you’re not doing your purpose? Worse still carrying on with the full knowledge that your brother is in hell? If you’re Dean – you prepare.

It’s the season premiere of Supernatural and the spooky has come to suburbia. And its leaving marks, huge claw marks all over Dean’s nice, quiet neighborhood. It leaves for one scream-out-loud moment. As the shrill-shrieking continues we get the reappearance of Sam. You know he couldn’t stay away – especially when his big brother needs him. Needless to say they haven’t made a hallmark card for this type of reunion.

Things seem to getting more on the creepy side as their grandfather is taken from heaven to fight some indescribable evil. It seems that the near-apocalypse has left a void. Needless to say the good intentions of Sam and Bobby ruin Dean’s momentary happiness.

What happens next with the Winchesters breathes new life into this series. Just who brought Sam back and what do they want? And what do shapeshifters have to do with all this? There are just too many agendas to keep count.

As this season unfolds plots will begin to unravel. Are you brave enough to see how the Winchesters take care of the bumps in the night?

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