Album Commentary: Ne-Yo’s ‘Libra Scale’

Ne-Yo’s latest album, Libra Scale, is overall a project that yet again allows him to shine as one of the best current R&B singers of our generation. He gets you moving, humming, and yearning for more.

Up first on the track list is Champagne Life. It’s a piece that offers a fantastic beat. The song has a great sound, chock full of soprano notes that are on key. It’s danceable track with an awesome hook and chorus. You will certainly want to “Toast it up” as Ne-Yo requests.

Makin’ A Movie is an upbeat, fun, but repetitive, album filler. It is not meant as a stand-alone track, yet it showcases Ne-Yo’s entertainment capabilities, as it still gets fans pumped up and onto the dance floor.

Know Your Name is a song that shows off Ne-Yo’s signature vocal ability as one of the bests-sellers of this musical genre. It’s sweet, and flirty, yet also has that sensual touch to it that makes it quite a catchy R&B ballad.

Telekinesis, is a ‘slow down’ as opposed to ‘throwdown-bust- a –move’ track. The song offers a smooth beat and has a nice melody to go along with the romantic lyrics. This song is R&B at its finest. It will surely hypnotize fans, as the song suggests.

Crazy Love ft. Fabolous starts off a bit like a ballad, but then rings in with a bit more of an upbeat R&B tempo. The song has potential as a single, stand alone piece. Fabolous’ rap is a nice addition to an already well done track. Everything about this song flows nicely. The song could have been a good remix as well.

One in a Million
has more of a hip hop sound as opposed to the latter tunes on the album. Ne-Yo’s song has a fantastic beat and great rhythm. The song also includes quite a smooth break/bridge and the chorus is very catchy.

Genuine Only is the track that will make you say, “Ne-Yo’s done it again.” Because it includes his signature get up and move beats. It may not be able to survive as a single, but it is still a song that will get stuck in your head. You will catch yourself singing along.

Cause I Said So does in fact have single potential. It is catchy, fun, and even reminiscen of Michael Jackson’s dancy hits. You should play this one full blast in the car. Though the lyrics are mediocre, the sound makes up for it.

Beautiful Monster
is the main single off the album. Fans have already heard this one, but it has not been played out (yet). It is an awesome track and good choice to showcase the album’s overall tone and mood.

What Have I Done? Well Ne-Yo, fans can answer that one by saying you have just created another hit album. This song however, feels like another piece of album filler. Regardless, it’s a solid concluding track and mellows out all of the dance fever the majority of the album encompassed.

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