Album Commentary: Snatch Magnet’s ‘Screw, Nut & Bolt’

Combining booming vocals, gritty guitar work, poignant bass and drumming that will take you back to the greats of the ’80s, Snatch Magnet’s new EP “Screw, Nut and Bolt” is something that classic rock fans will eat up. Mediocre lyrics almost ruin the voice of the talented Josh Weekley, but overall, the effort and polish is there. This band is damn good and show their ability by emulating several fantastic bands throughout the album.

“Widow”- The beginning guitar and bass riff sounds like it’s been taken out of dungeon sequence from “The Legend of Zelda” and with some of the best lyrics on the album, this song shows the band has a kind of Black Sabbath feel to them at times.

“Multi-Girl”- Again, another great start, as the first 20 seconds sounds similar to the ’80s classic “Under Pressure. ” Josh Weekley shows his versatility as a vocalist, sounding like he’s in Tears for Fears on this track. The lyrics aren’t fantastic, but overall, it’s a catchy tune that grows on you.

“Call of the Maiden”- Continuing to show remarkable range, there’s a reason why this song has Maiden in it. A “Run to the Hills” clone of sorts, it’s a fun listen.

“The One”- Feeling like a cross between “Fall-out Boy” and “The Toadies,” this is a smooth track with flowing lyrics and solid musicianship, arguably the best song on the CD.

“Games”- The start is super close to Van Halen’s “Panama,” and features great guitar work and drumming. Showing off his falsetto ability, Kaplun continues to show his uniqueness as a vocalist.

“You Will be Mine”- a fun track with a bouncy tone, it’s not as hard as some of the other tracks, but again shows this band has the ability to stretch themselves as far as they want to go.

“Hybrid”- has the feel of an early ’80s rock pop track, this song is Duran Duran meets Foreigner. An excellent bass line fuels the action, making for a solid and eclectic closing to the CD.

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