It’s Almost Over, But We Want More

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One” has finally revealed a darker side to the series. In this latest Potter film, Harry and his sidekicks-Ron and Hermoine, are out to stop Lord Voldemort by finding Horcruxes (pieces of his soul hidden in several objects) in order to destroy him. To make things extra complicated for the gang, Potter becomes the wizarding world’s most wanted now that the Ministry of Magic has fallen and Voldemort’s in power. To make things worse for the heroic trio, they must leave their loved ones behind and san’s Dumbeldore’s guidance, set out on the quest almost blindly to search for the Horcruxes, and the Hallows that may be the key to ending Voldemort’s reign.

for the majority of the film, Potter and friends are on the run. Death and destruction are now a daily ritual in the wizarding world. With Voldemort in power, there is no safe haven. No wizard is safe, and the hunt is on. Death is all around Harry and his friends. The question soon becomes-who will find who first?

Fans will be satisfied with this one, as key scenes from the book are brought to life. However, just as in previous Potter films, certain characters and scenes are either non existent, or are briefly mentioned.

However, the scenes chosen to appear in the film are either full of suspense. Of course, in the darkest Potter films yet, a bit of humor is also sprinkled into the doom and gloom that is the majority of the flick. The Weasley twins continue to cause laughs, and even Ron is at his wittiest yet. There are even some funny one-liners added into the script for good measure.

The film also banks on its PG-13 rating, showing violence as never before, and even an almost uncomfortable scene with two major characters kissing (growing up with the franchise, it may leave you wondering why this scene needed to be portrayed the way it was). No longer is this a series of silly magic students causing mischief.

In the halls of Hogwarts-it is now life or death.

If you were hoping to catch a Quidditch game, or see Harry partake in other Hogwarts related activities, then this is not your movie. This film is action packed, with twists and turns around every corner. Potter fans will be more than satisfied since this one has been broken into two parts, leaving room for more of J.K. Rowling’s plot to shine on the silver screen.

If you’re a moviegoer that has never picked up the books, this may also not be the film for you. This film is not about catching people up to the story, nor is it for those who don’t believe in magic. The film has basically been marketed toward the fans, and is quite confident due to previous movie sales and trends, that this is more than enough to make it a blockbuster smash.

Fans will sadly have to wait until July for the epic conclusion, and you will hear annoyed fans in the theaters complaining and begging for more after the final scene of this film takes place. It’s safe to say that the conclusion can be considered a cliffhanging ending, though true Pot(ter)Heads, know what to expect in July.

However, the wait may be too long for fans after they see this one, as it leaves you wanting more.

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