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Currently on tour with Bonded By Blood and Early Man, Evile’s Ol Drake is sitting in the dressing room warming up for that nights show. He gets up, puts down his Moser “Bastard V” and takes his skinny, lanky body outside the venue. Drake makes himself comfortable leaning up against a cop car, his curly red hair and beard-stache blowing in the breeze. He then goes on to talk about the upcoming tour with Forbidden and Overkill, his guitar, Evile’s plans for their third album, and more.

Congrats on winning a “Golden God” award. What does it feel like to be a “Golden God”?

Pretty good. We didn’t expect to win anything we were there to play and then we found out we won something and we were like “What? Us?”

And upon winning this award, you bungee jumped off a bridge dressed as a cowboy. How did it feel being up in the air in a cowboy suit?

Pretty gay actually, but very cool.

Why a cowboy?

It was the first thing I thought of. We were up for best UK band with Bullet and Judas Priest and we were like “We’re not gonna win that.” So I said “If we win one, I’ll bungee jump.” And I didn’t specify which award and we won one, so I had to bungee jump.

How are you guys gearing up for the upcoming tour with Overkill and Forbidden?

Playing as much as we can. Before this, we hadn’t practiced we hadn’t played for a while so I think that’s how these kids are warming up. We know the Overkill guys already from the last tour. We met Forbidden in Germany; they were really nice.

Do you guys have any material for the new album written?

Yes, we’ve got about 12 songs so far it’s a bit more aggressive and angry instead of “Ooh lets try to be clever and proggy.”

Are they complete?

Not quite. How it goes is we’ll finish it and a week later well say “Oh that’s shit.” and change it so nothings final it’s still a work in progress.

Will you be testing any of them out on the tour?

No. We’re Recording in March with Russ Russell again in England and it’ll be out in July-ish. We were originally set for October but we thought that’s a bit too long for people to wait so were gonna rush it a bit.

Do you have a title yet?

Yes, but don’t know yet were about 98 percent agreed, but were not 100 percent, so we won’t say anything.

Will you be using Michael Whelan again?

No. We wanted to, but he’s a bit expensive because he’s a big name. We were like “Hey, do you want to work with us again?” and he’s like “Yeah sure but this time ill need this much.” and we were like “Oh…sorry!” (laughs) But we’re looking at other people.

Any cover ideas?

We’ve got the concept for it the layout how its gonna look we just need someone to make it.

Have you ever considered Ed Repka because of him being notorious for his thrash covers?

I really like his covers, but it’s not us. No disrespect but its a bit cartoony, a bit more of a party fun thrash sort of thing except for his Megadeth ones, which are epic- but it’s not my taste really.

Your guitar, is it an endorsement?

Yes with Moser.

How did you get it?

I bought one of their guitars and I really liked it and I called them up and said can I have an endorsement I’m in a band and they were like yeah okay. So they just knock a bit of money off. I don’t get anything for free. I wish I did.

You’re an avid gamer. Have you seen the trailer for Bioshock 3?

No I haven’t. I haven’t had a chance to play the second one either because I’ve always been away.

Will you be doing any more Rock Band tracks for the third album?

Hopefully. I want to get a week before release so that before it comes out it comes out on Rock Band first because everyone will download it. Everyone downloads shit so it’s a way to get a few more people into it without just stealing it basically.

What band would you like to tour with the most?

Metallica. Fan boy obviously. I’ve loved them for years. That’d be the one.

You were actually called “the next Metallica” by Guitar World magazine recently. How does that feel?

(shrugs)Kind of embarrassing. I don’t think anyone could ever be like Metallica again in metal. I don’t think another band will get to arena status. It’s just they were right time right place.

Do you think this “thrash resurgence” is going to stay around or do you feel it’s becoming kind of a fad?

I can see some bands sticking around like us. We’re gonna stick around for as long as people let us. Already now there’s hints that bands are breaking up or changing members. Hopefully more people will put a lot more thought into it instead of 80’s thrash. We’re trying to inject some different stuff in. time will tell I guess.

You and Bonded By Blood were recently dubbed as “two of the next big four” by UK’s The Guardian. Who do you feel the other two are?

Not considering us on that list I’d put Warbringer in as well because they’re very nice guys and well a great band and… (scratches head) I don’t know. There’s a few but I don’t know… that’s all that I can come with. I don consider us on the list but I put Warbringer in but I just don’t think there needs to be a list because it’s just pointless. They’re called the big four for a reason and they started it and we’re not gonna sell platinum albums so there’s no point in there being a big four list for this period of thrash. Just being honest.

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