‘Sing Me to Sleep’ (feat. Neko Case) by Fran Healy. Free I-Tunes Song of the Week

Full of compacted guitar riffs and chic drum beats, “Sing Me to Sleep” is pleasingly down-to-earth.

Fran Healy creates a sense of delicacy, yet toughness during this track, quite similar to that of Coldplay and Keane.

Though Healy is known for being the lead vocalist and songwriter for the Scottish band, Travis, he has recently released his first debut solo album, ‘Wreckorder,’ in October 2010. It truly demonstrates his talent and ambition, even though he has been on break for quite some time.

Neko Case’s featuring and contribution to this particular song was beautifully necessary. Both of their voices together can easily send chills down anybody’s spine.

Not only do their vocals alone do an outstanding job, but the lyrics that were chosen were extremely simple, but very affective.

Their collaboration developed a great melodic and rhythmic sound that produces a soft, but pleasing aura.

Due to the attractive mood setting, the entire vibe of this single is highly relaxing and hypnotizing. It’s one of those that can be enjoyed whether alone or with others.

Those who appreciate a bit of mellowness every now and then, would definitely enjoy what Case and Healy have to offer throughout this tune.

Even though the background music might not be too impressive, nor crazy, it still manages to perfectly suit and belong to the genre in which they are portraying.

Though “Sing Me to Sleep” doesn’t grab a hold of fast and loud acoustics, it still remains strong and meaningful by capturing a huge portion of comforting and smooth emotions.

Such a song left a remarkable impression of what the rest of ‘Wreckorder’ might sound like.

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