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Episode Commentary: Super Ray is Mortal

Although there were several questions unanswered, the season two finale of “Bored to Death” ended up delivering enough high spots for any stoner, and television fanatic, to be satisfied.

No munchies required.

However, with no update on a few small plot-lines, that appear to be completely forgotten about, this episode of “Bored to Death” isn’t perfect. With all the new characters that have shown up this season, it would have been nice to see a few more of them pop up in the finale.

Regardless of that, there was plenty of drama in this episode, mainly because of the one person who came back that you’d never expect to.

How it ultimately changes Ray and Jonathan’s life is pretty interesting.

Through this, Ray gets what he’s wanted all season and Jonathan may finally be starting to understand what a good detective he is.

Nonetheless, while Jonathan’s adventures this season have been fun, the real source of entertainment has been with the supporting characters. Seeing Ray change so much over the course of one season, going from an unsure geek to a successful and confident one, was hilarious. Having him play a cardinal role in so many of Jonathan’s cases as well paved the way for him to be included more in the show and add the level of depth that any half hour show would be proud of. Nothing against Jason Schwartzman, but Zach Galifianakis has been the true comedic talent on the show, while Schwartzman provides the Park Slope-hipster themes that give the show its own distinct flavor.

Pushing this motif even more is Ted Danson, who’s portrayal as the accomplished stoner George provides an equal amount of sentimentality and silliness to keep the show’s high going. Far from a buzz kill, Danson has been great this season making the most out of his character’s life after a cancer scare.

Seeing George comes to grips with the end of his journalistic career and Ray’s comic book just starting to boom, the season two finale is more heartfelt than anything else. There are a few small buds of comedy there, but for the most part, this episode will leave a smile on your face than induce any laugh-out loud hilarity. As a result, it’s one of the strongest episodes of the season and a nice way to leave the fans until season three starts next year.

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