Why Are You Here Austin?

During the forth episode of “A-List New York,” Derek puts on a huge party for New York City’s Gay Pride Festivities. Of course, he does not want Austin to be there but, sure enough, he is the plus one to his former modeling agent. Looks like the party, and the Logo Network, is being sponsored by Stoli Vodka.

Since Mike lost his mother to Cancer, this was one of the motivators for him to do a photo shoot for a man named Trent. Trent is a man who has an incurable form of Cancer and is part of a cancer non-profit organization. Mike also gets a visit from his dad, Tony. We were forewarned that Mike’s dad has not been the most forthcoming with his emotions through an interview that was done earlier this year. However, the two were able to have a touching moment over the memory of Mike’s mom.

Austin is now tagging along with Ryan and is still trying to get back into modeling. He’s not that pleasing to the eye from a physical stand point. His body still needs a lot of work. This is another relationship that is not going to last that long.

Reichen is now concerned with his time on that Off Broadway production. The show that he is in was cut from four shows a week to three and he fears that he could be out of the job soon. He and Rodiney have decided to undergo couple’s therapy to air out their concerns with each other. Reichen is not a man who knows what he wants. He is tired of Rodiney and is now picky out every, little thing that “annoys” him to end the relationship.

You can’t help but feel bad for Rodiney. Being uprooted from your family and friends and everything that you know and having to function in a new city with new rules must be tough.

Watching his journey alone, is reason enough to tune in to this show.

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