Album Commentary: Justin Bieber’s ‘My Worlds Acoustic’

Justin Bieber’s latest album, “My Worlds Acoustic” was released exclusively at Walmart stores on November 26. It’s the latest from the Beebz and promises to not disappoint his most loyal fans. The sound is raw and each track more or less shows off Beiber’s vocal ability as a pop star accompanied by a guitar, and often times a piano.

The first track, “One Time,” is a fun and catchy tune. It has a good acoustic sound to it, as well as a radio-worthy chorus. Tween girls will go nuts over this one.

The second track, “Baby,” is already a popular radio single, which translates well as an acoustic track. It’s already a fan favorite, and kids will love this version of the track just as much as the original.

The third track is also a well-known Bieber favorite, making the album seem a bit like a premature greatest hits album. However, “One Less Lonely Girl” can’t go wrong as an acoustic. This one will make you think of that first kiss on the playground.

“Down To Earth” is a cute ballad that will probably be played at Middle school proms across America. Its sweet and showcases Bieber’s influence as a teen heart-throb.

Bieber’s “U Smile” is yet another potential hit. He really can’t go wrong with this one. It’s one of his most memorable tracks off of the album, and is sung wonderfully.

“Stuck in the Moment” is more or less an album filler. A pop ballad that will probably be a fan favorite, but not the next hit due to the weak chorus.

“Favorite Girl (Live)” offers a nice touch to the album by adding a live track. This song has a great chorus and an awesome sound. This just may be every girl’s favorite.

“That Should Be Me” is another great Bieber ballad. It is very nicely arranged as an acoustic track. Bieber’s song offers a good voice to the R&B beats that accompany it.

“Never Say Never,” feat. Jaden Smith is a cool collaboration because it showcases this generation’s two upcoming stars. The song has a great danceable beat to it. It really should be a single because it’s that much fun.

The last track, “Pray” is a powerful and uplifting, inspirational track. Bieber sings about making a change to the world. It is a wonderful song with a great message. This one deserves the #1 spot on Billboards charts. It’s serious, provides awareness, and is not the childish Radio Disney stuff Bieber normally produces.

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