Explosive Platforming Fun on the 360

Just when you thought 2D side-scrollers lacked innovation and wit, a game like “‘Splosion Man” on the 360 Live Arcade comes along.

Hilarious and incredibly challenging, the downloadable title has a personality all its own.

Unlike other platformers out there, you don’t jump at all in “‘Splosion Man,” you blow up. Working like a triple jump, you are able to blow up three times in succession, in order to either destroy your enemies or reach platforms to advance through a level. The first time you play, this may all seem a bit weird, but after a few deaths, you’ll find the title’s gameplay is engrossing and addictive.

Speaking of death, expect to pass on hundreds of times while playing this game. The puzzles often require precision button presses and feats of quickness and skill. That being said, getting through some stages is extremely tough and it helps if you’re patient.

With a silly premise and colorful graphics, this title has a lot going for it. However, at times, the camera used for certain levels makes it difficult to know where you have to go. With the run and run type gameplay employed here, where every second counts, the sometimes off kilter camera hurts the overall package. As well, after a few hours, it’s obvious that this game is meant to be played in high definition. With small character models and huge obstacles, the game’s visuals are done much better justice in that format.

Nevertheless, these small qualms can’t spoil the ambiance “‘Splosion Man” provides. Add in a fun multi-player mode [which allows up to four-players to play together simultaneously] as well and you can’t ask for more from a downloadable title on the 360 Live Arcade. In a day and age where graphics and bells and whistles are king, this game proves that a great concept and solid gameplay still light the fuse on a quality title.

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