‘Maybe’ by Sick Puppies: Free I-Tunes Single of the Week

Formed in 1997, Sick Puppies is an Australian rock band that focuses on alternative rock, alternative metal, hard rock and post-grunge genres.

Within the past 13 years, they were able to conduct three full-length albums. Their first album, ‘Welcome to the Real World,’ was pressed less than 3,000 times and only sold in Australia. It’s such a rare CD that the tracks that belong to it are difficult to access.

With only three members belonging to the band; Shimon Moore (lead vocals, guitar), Emma Anzai (bass, backing vocals) and Mark Goodwin (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Sick Puppies’ abilities are not as strong as a five to six piece band would be.

The fact that Moore, Anzai and Goodwin all donate vocals to their tracks, does provide them with a decent factor, but improving on the instrumentals would be a good suggestion for them.

Sick Puppies’ single, “Maybe,” comes off of their most recent CD, ‘Tri-Polar,’ which was released on July 14, 2009.

This particular track produces an acceptable melody, but on the other hand, it’s extremely genetic. The drumming, in addition to the guitar and bass riffs, are very simplistic; not something that would impress a first time listener.

Moore’s choice of lyrics are pretty bland and unoriginal, but still somewhat relatable. His voice is too sufficient to go to waste.

He constantly repeats the title of the song, along with the chorus, which can get highly irritating.

“Maybe” resembles many soft-alternative tunes that are floating around the media. If effective flavor were to be added, this song would have much more potential in all of its aspects.

These sick puppies have to start feeling well in order to supply audiences with an influential piece.

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