‘1,000 Faces’ by Randy Montana: Free I-Tunes Single of the Week

Born in Albany, New York, Randy Montana is an American country singer-songwriter that has been in several bands throughout his entire life. Though he grew up in New York, he later moved to Nashville, Tennessee as a teen.

Even though he has been signed to Mercury Nashville Records and has been an active solo artist since 2009, he has not yet released a full length album.

Being the son of singer-songwriter, Billy Montana, who has written number one singles for Sara Evans, Jo Dee Messina and Garth Brooks, Montana certainly has the advantage of escalating his career.

His debut single “Ain’t Much Left of Lovin’ You” was first broadcasted on the radio in March 2010. At that time, Montana’s abilities allowed his tune to chart at #59 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs’ list.

In 2011, Montana’s upcoming album’s second single “1,000 Faces” was recently released and played on country radio.

“1,000 Faces” contains beautifully written lyrics that carry a lovely meaning behind them. Filled with a bunch of metaphors and touching phrases, Montana certainly did a good job with his wording.

Though a majority of listeners might not be impressed with his style and/or choice of genre, his voice is definitely something that people should take into consideration.

The entire tune is very slow-paced and he seems to have total control over his vocals, along with the appropriate vibe to suit the overall result.

A problem that this track does have is that it seems as if it holds more of a pop sound, rather than country. Montana’s intentions are to combine the two genres, but in his case, it doesn’t work out too well.

For what he has released so far, Montana has plenty of potential, but he still needs to work on quite a few things. There are many experienced country singer-songwriters and country lovers out there that might view him as a rookie.

In order to produce a ‘bang’ in the country music industry, Montana’s future record should be composed of a whole lot of spunk and flavor.

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