One Hardy Better Than Two

Say whatever you want about the antics of Jeff Hardy outside the ring, the guy is a huge talent and someone that is capable of helping TNA establish a style of action in the ring. From his performance at Genesis last Sunday and on Impact on Thursday, his brother Matt Hardy however, has proved best days in the ring are way behind him. In the worst shape of his career and on a different planet mentally [why, why was he flexing his biceps in the ring after his match on Impact? What was up with the glassy-eyed look on his face?] the guy is just another big name added to TNA’s roster that is looking for a place to keep his career alive.

Why TNA would choose to give this guy significant matches on Impact and not use someone like Desmond Wolfe at all, or have two talented competitors like Samoa Joe and The Pope waste 10 minutes talking, are the reasons why Impact still needs serious work before it gets to where it needs to be. No X- Division match [from various sources online, TNA is tinkering with the idea of eliminating the title all together] a weak ladies match and the beginning of another “they’re coming” storyline, Vince Russo and his creative team appear to be all out of ideas.

The hot wrestlers right now, like Mr. Anderson, Matt Morgan and RVD seem like a perfect fit in whatever faction is going against Fourtune and Immortal, but from reports online, Scott Steiner is on his way back to the company- could this be the return of The Main Event Mafia? For TNA’s sake, lets hope not. The angle didn’t work the first time and would only be a waste of fans’ time. The young hungry bad guys versus the old, established bad guys turned good?


The best match of the night, which pitted the Motor City Machine Guns against Beer Money, was nearly ruined by an Alex Shelley dive through the ropes on to Robert Roode, which he didn’t sell at all. The fact that TNA showed the move again on instant replay shows that the company still doesn’t get it. Both the wrestlers and the production crew simply can’t make mistakes like this if this show is ever going to be taken seriously.

With all the focus on the upcoming Impact and the return of Hulk Hogan, TNA has a few weeks to prepare and get things in order, but as of right now, the show needs more wrestling, less meaningless talking and feuds that get the fans interested.

Because right now, there is little of all three.

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