‘Need You Now’ by Cut Copy, Free I-Tunes Single of the Week Review

Active since 2001, Cut Copy is a synth-pop group from Melbourne, Australia. Their focused genres include alternative dance, dance punk and electro-pop; all in which derived from the styles of post-punk and 80s new wave.

Before having have a total of four members, Cut Copy was originally a solo project created by Dan Whitford, a DJ and graphic designer. He first issued the ‘I Thought of Numbers EP,’ along with the single “1981.” Whitford eventually allowed others to join in 2003.

Current affiliations consist of Whitford (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Tim Hoey (guitar, sampler), Ben Browning (bass) and Mitchell Scott (drums).

Taking roughly three years to be released, Cut Copy’s most recent album, ‘Zonoscope’ was debuted on February 8, 2011.

“Need You Now” might be the third known single of the CD, but it’s actually the opening track of the entire record. So it better make a good impress, right?

This particular song is quite difficult to appreciate. It’s fascinating that Cut Copy uses techniques from that of the 1980s, but there’s a number of flaws that cause the 80s vibe to fail.

Whitford’s vocals are extremely dull and monotone, almost as if he’s expressing a feeling of misery while creating music. He gives off a sense of blandness for what he does. The background music fixes the damage that the vocals have donated. The tunes itself are quite unique compared to everything else that is usually on the radio. As a matter of fact, Hoey, Browning and Scott’s contributions can definitely be taken into consideration and have plenty of potential. Their abilities are certainly something to look out for.

But since we live in the 2000s, a majority of common listeners might cringe at the first few seconds of a song such as this one. It wouldn’t be surprising if many weren’t to give it a chance at all.

Hopefully, the rest of ‘Zonoscope’ provides Cut Copy’s synth-pop sound with a little bit more spunk and Whitford can strain some excitement out of that voice of his.

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