Broadway Scores a Touchdown

“Lombardi” provides an intimate view into the life and times of legendary football coach Vince Lombardi.

Based based on the best selling biography, “When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi,” by Pulitzer Prize author David Maraniss, Lombardi has all the jukes, stutter steps and blocks of a sure-fire Broadway hit. Performed at the Circle in the Square Theatre-where every seat is a good seat- has football fans, and Broadway lovers alike entranced by Tony Award worthy performances of its six player cast, featuring the great talents of Dan Lauria (wonder Years) as the infamous Lomardi, and two time Emmy winner Judith Light (Who’s the Boss?) as his loving and strong willed wife. Keith Knobbs also co-stars as the sports reporter for Look magazine, Michael McCormick.

Like a great football team, the cast for this performance is deep with talent. Bill Dawes as Paul Hornung, Robert Christopher Riley as Dave Robinson, and Chris Sullivan as Jim Taylor are as brilliant and believable as they are entertaining.

The presentation of the performance is stellar as well as the play features clips and scenes at certain parts of the performance on screens surrounding the stage from the actual games Lombardi coached. The era of the ’60s NFL gridiron is brought to life once more, as Lombardi is presented with prestige. Audience members will enjoy this Broadway treat, even without the knowledge or history of the game.

Because in the end, regardless of your pigskin affinity, “Lombardi” is a wonderfully told human tale that anyone can relate to.

The audience will admire Lombardi’s passion for the game, laugh at the comedic lines melted into the seriousness
of the Hall of Fame coach’s life and career, as well as remember with heavy hearts what a great man the NFL, as well as the world has lost. Lauria is a great fit for the starring role, as every line, mannerism, and will to win is done to perfection.The supporting cast has exceptional shining moments throughout the play as well, and will leave playgoers wanting more, even after its 90-minute sans intermission run.

For a limited time, fans will also get the chance to see the Lombardi trophy and other Lombardi/Packers memorabilia such as signed footballs, jerseys and articles (check the official Lombardi site for times and dates).

Overall, the cast is outstanding, the set design is well done, and everything in between shines in this fantastic Broadway show. This one’s definitely a touchdown in the Broadway playbook (or playbill).

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