This Band has a Future

The Inevitable Backlash’s latest LP, Boy’s Got a Future, is a surefire hit with its indie alternative rock sound.

The album begins with “Holes,” which is a great song, with impressive drum beats, and instrumentals. You can’t go wrong blasting, that one, or “Adam and Me,” which has smooth lyrics and a great medley of bass and electric guitar beats. “Adam and Me” is definitely a song you’d want to jam on your guitar- amps up high.

The title track, “Boy’s Got a Future,” starts with some killer riffs and electric guitar chords. It’s a fast paced, up-tempo track that deserves to be heard as a radio single. This band’s got a future, should be the title of this album.

“Christine’s House 4am” is a slower ballad, with catchy as well as descriptive lyrics. It’s a great heartbreak track. The song speaks volumes, though only a minute and a few seconds. Another great ballad, with emotional vocals and great guitar rhythms is “My Little Friend Kiersten,” which hooks you from the first chords.

Unlike the previous ballads, “Jordan Got Raped,” is a very serious ballad unlike any other track on the album. There’s obviously a strong storyline to the lyrics and repetitive chorus lines. However, “Doe Eyed” is lighter acoustic guitar ballad which will make you want to sing a long.

“Love is like an Itching in My Heart” is a powerful, fun track, where the band showcases it’s lyrical and instrumental ability. It’s catchy with phrases like, “bitten by the love bug.” You’ll be busy dancing and scratching to this one. “Does Any Girl have Nice Arms Anymore” is also a catchy fast track with a cool title and funky beat. The lyrics are intentionally comical, making this a fun song to play over and over again.

“Cheralyn Rules,” is a rare track that changes tempo and reminds the audience of love and the craziness that can accompany it. This a radio worthy track. The band does not stop there when it comes to writing about the ladies; “Whatever Happened to Amy,” is another track that mentions the issues caused by a woman. It’s fast paced, and a head banging track that you’ll want to blast in your car.

The final four tracks, “I’m Sorry Lucille,” “John Davis Taught Me How To Drink,” “San Diego” and “Purple Rhinestone Eagle” are catchy alternative tracks, reminding listeners of the sheer talent and quality of this band. All these tracks are loud, proud, and showcase powerful instrumental and lyrical talent.

One thing is certain, The Inevitable Backlash, has a fantastic future. Check them out if you haven’t yet. This band clearly knows how to rock.

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