Getting Hotter Instead of Colder

The start of this week’s TNA Impact! was definitely a bit different.

Overall, the show was pretty good, as TNA has done a good job of keeping their main stars on the show without overusing them. At the same time, there are a few angles being developed and aside from the tag team titles, all the championships were defended or spoken about.

That’s how you develop a fan base and a show.

Let’s hope TNA is getting it.

Hard to say that though when they have refused to stop the waste of time angle between Winter, Angelina Love and Velvet Skye.

But alas, Rome wasn’t built in a day and by the end of said day, TNA is still being built.

During the first segment, Karen Angle-Jarrett shined. It’s apparent now that she’s quickly becoming TNA’s better-looking version of Vicki Guerrero. Just like WWE’s resident cougar, Angle-Jarrett gets heat, but she serves a purpose. Last night, she not only ripped into almost every knockout in the company, she was entertaining while doing it. At one point, she called the Knockout Tag Team champions the burrito sisters.

Who would have thought she’d be such a good heel. Who could Angle’s “mistress” be?

Maybe this is what this angle needs.

Speaking of angles picking up, Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan’s backstage brawl was solid, even if it made Steiner look like a chump. Now that Morgan has established his dominance, why do they even have to fight at the next pay per view?

Sting and Mr. Anderson’s program is heating up as well. Between Sting smashing the windows on Anderson’s car and their continued promos, these guys are building something. Add RVD in the mix and there’s some depth in the TNA heavyweight division.

On another note, it is truly sad that Crimson is being pushed as an undefeated blue-chipper and being allowed to even pretend that he’s in the same league as someone the likes of Samoa Joe. It’s not that Crimson doesn’t have potential- he does. But this is all too fast. When Crimson couldn’t get Joe over for the modified Falcon Arrow, his greenness and inexperience showed. At this point in his career, Crimson should be getting his butt handed to him by Abyss and luckily, by the end of the match, he was. Let him earn his stripes and give him the wins he needs to get over with the fans. Forget about him using all these huge power moves and beating down veterans. He needs to learn how to sell, pick his spots and tell a story before he becomes the star TNA needs him to be.


Velvet Skye vs. Angelina Love w/ Winter: The angle has been dead in the water for weeks. Love and Skye in the ring could work, but this angle has literally sucked the life out of Love’s character. At the same time, it has also forced Skye to do most of the selling and heavy lifting in their matches, which isn’t her strength. There was no reason why this match should have went almost 10 minutes either. The crowd was flaccid as well, which should have been a sign to take it home much earlier.

Anarquia w/ Mexican America vs. Chris Sabin:
A waste of a match that confirmed that Alex Shelley is back. What could that mean for the Machine Guns?

Gunner vs. Christopher Daniels: Best match of the night. Plenty of offense and near falls. These guys have chemistry together and it’s in Gunner’s best interest to continue working with Daniels. Defeating Daniels with a version of Brock Lesnar’s old F5 finisher, this has plenty of potential, but it’s obvious he’s still green. If Immortal had two more wrestlers like him, they’d be a much better stable.

Crimson vs. Samoa Joe: A match that showed Crimson’s inexperience. Joe can still work as well as anybody, but he needs to be put in an angle with someone who can do the heavy lifting with him. Right now, he’s just getting scraps, even if they are scraps with potential.

Sting vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray:
Very nice touch to have Jeremy Borash out to do the introductions for the main event. It definitely added a big fight feel to the bout. Overall, this match had a lot going on, but it was solid. Once the referee was out of the equation, things got interesting and for a second, it looked like Sting was going to lose his title. But after AJ Styles came in and took Bully Ray out, Sting was able to leave with the championship still around his waist.

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