Review Fix 2011 Tribeca Film Festival Coverage: ‘After the Fire’ Review

“After the Fire,'”directed by Jacques Perconte, is a seven-minute short narrative that takes the viewer on-board of a train that has absolutely no final destination. Before watching this film, the synopsis might give off a mysterious and questioning vibe. But in reality, the description is much more fascinating than the footage itself.

Other than Perconte, producers, Guillaume Massart, Charles H. Drouot and Thomas Mouquet, along with composer, Arnaud Castagné, participate in the making of this not-so-impressive project. The outcome does not seem as if five individuals worked equally as hard on it.

It is more as if one unexperienced filmmaker with a mediocre editing program created it within a few hours.

The entire mini-flick is angled in a way that it looks as if the audience is in charge of conducting a train. It stays on track from beginning to end, rolling through the same forest. The first minute or two is somewhat intriguing, the viewer might assume that something random might come into play. But afterward, the following time remains exactly the same, showing the same images over and over again.

This becomes rather tedious and unnecessary. The quality might seem unique and psychedelic-like to some, but actually, its feature presents quite a lazy technique.

Background music usually saves the day when a film lacks significance. In this case, it is difficult to tell.

Castagné’s tunes are actually very well done. They are extremely mellow and relaxing, but not appropriate for this scenario. Its soothingness belongs in a better location.

With the amount of contributors, along with the captivating concept behind the story that Perconte was attempting to present, ‘After the Fire’ has plenty of potential. His idea obviously holds some sort of importance to him. Therefore, it could have been demonstrated in a more effective manner.

Maybe a bit of variety and excitement thrown into this seven minute railroad ride would do the trick. If not, shorten the trip.

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