A Forgettable Birthday Experience

Aside from the debut of Awesome Kong, last night’s WWE RAW wasn’t much to call home about.

If Ron Simmons wasn’t on the show, he would have screamed “damn,” from his couch.

At least Mae Young got a kiss from the Rock, it was more than any hardcore wrestling fan got in the end.

After Lillian Garcia sang a beautiful version of the American National Anthem, the WWE decided to waste nearly a half hour of RAW on a promo from The Rock, which achieved nothing and a performance from recording artist Pitbull and the Miami Heat cheerleaders.

If it wasn’t for the rock bottom The Rock delivered on Michael Cole, an outsider might have thought they were watching a live variety show than professional wrestling.

Luckily, the last hour featured quality matches, but by that point, it was too little too late. With John Cena and the Miz squaring off at the start of the second hour, there wasn’t much of a reason to be compelled by the second hour of the show.

Not even a rare appearance by Vince McMahon could turn this episode of RAW into a winner.

Sure, the last montage, The Rock’s birthday present, was entertaining, but overall, this episode did little to begin the set-up process for the next pay per view.


John Morrison vs. R-Truth: Truth delivered a jumping complete shot to Morrison on the outside, followed by one on the ramp and guess what? No match. Not a great opening bout to a show void of any real wrestling through the first 30 minutes. At the very least however, Truth is showing he can be a halfway decent heel.

Maryse vs. Kelly Kelly: Enter Kharma, aka Awesome Kong. Maryse was her first victim on RAW, the recipient of a double underhook pedigree-like move that made an impression. Kelly Kelly was saved any abuse, but for how long?

The Miz vs. John Cena: The best match of the night. The Miz administered a heck of a lot of punishment on Cena and even after the ref was knocked out of the ring and he hit Cena with his finisher, he still couldn’t win back his title. However, he showed some moxie and kicked out of the attitude adjustment. Even after he hit Cena with the WWE title and presumably winning back his championship, he failed to get the out of the ring, which forced the referee to reverse his decision and give Cena the belt back.

Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre: This match was nothing to go crazy about, as the good guys beat the big bad guys. More importantly, Alberto Del Rio was ringside providing color commentary. It appears he’s about to start a program with Mysterio, which would be a step back for the guy, considering the push he’s gotten most of the year.

Mason Ryan w/ CM Punk vs. Kane: This was the main event on RAW? Really? This is a match that should have opened the show. While Ryan looks a lot like TNA’s Rob Terry, he’s a much better wrestler and works with a better class of wrestler. His weaknesses are hidden better and he’s more believable. Seeing Ryan handle Kane and Big Show was interesting. As it result, it appears Baby Batista is going to be the recipient of a push.

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