A Night to be a Heel

This past episode of RAW was one for the heels.

R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio, Kharma and CM Punk got the upper hand on all of their angles, making their respective faces look puny.

However, The Miz was unable to get the last laugh on John Cena. Throughout the show, The Miz lobbied with the likes of Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Kane, Punk, Big Show and others in order to get them to tango with Cena in a match of his choosing.

The week of a pay per view, this was a nice way to continue their feud and provide some drama on RAW. It was interesting that WWE creative let Cena get the clean win in the main event though. Regardless, the wait to see whom Cena fought was a fun one and the match to end the show was excellent.

The Miz’s promo after the main event continued as well to prove that this kid has ability on the stick. At the same time, The Miz was unable to take Cena out after he hit him with a pipe. This continues to make him look weak in the ring. If the WWE wants this guy to be a serious heel, they have to make him look tougher in the ring.

Regardless, this was a watchable and even enjoyable episode of RAW.


Kofi Kingston vs. CM Punk:
Kingston is an excellent performer who is technically sound and an amazing athlete. However, he’s got no charisma and a vanilla persona that robs him of any ability to truly get over. This was a good match, but there was nothing really tangible putting this all together. Punk got laid out last week by Big Show and was made to look weak against Kingston this week until he hit a GTS to win the match. This is not the way to build a heel. Punk should not win his matches clean after a mistake by a face. He should either play dirty or win convincingly. This is a former WWE champ; he shouldn’t have a problem with Kingston. The fact that he did is a bit puzzling to fans that don’t watch casually.

Brie Bella w/Nicki Bella vs. Kelly Kelly: This wasn’t a great match as some of the movies were a bit too sloppy, but Kelly Kelly, with shades of Ultimo Dragon, ended with the surprising win. However, Kharma made her way down to the ring afterward and cleaned house. It’s more apparent than ever that there is no one in her league in the Divas division. Considering that, what does the WWE do with her?

Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio: Nice jumping arm-breaker from the top rope early in the match that set the tone. Both of these guys have chemistry and while they’ve wrestled before, this was a solid match, which RAW definitely needs moving forward. However, both of these guys are on the outside of the WWE Heavyweight title picture, desperately trying to get in. Wrestling each other isn’t going to change that. They will provide the fans with entertaining matches though.

Big Show & Kane vs. David Otunga and Mike McGillicutty w/ CM Punk and Mason Ryan: The young Nexus team work well as a team, utilizing quick tags, while working on Big Show’s legs. Technically sound, they held their own with these two monsters. However, once Kane got the hot tag, he took care of business, but thanks to Mason Ryan and Punk’s outside interference, McGillicutty was able to secure a win.

John Cena vs. Jack Swagger in a No Holds Barred Match:
Swagger needed this match after being wasted away for months in the Michael Cole/Jerry Lawler feud. A nice amount of offense and near-falls made this the match of the night. It was also great to see Cena in the main event again. Even though the match ended with Cena getting the win via submission, Swagger looked great and The Miz has even more heat going into the pay per view this Sunday. Mission accomplished.

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