Another Night With Chyna

Chyna, Chris Harris and Mick Foley on Impact last night- could a TNA fan really ask for more?

After a first hour that featured only two matches, the 25-man battle royal for the # 1 contenders spot for the TNA Heavyweight title [which made no sense to have taken place this week, with Rob Van Dam getting a title shot at Sacrifice. In a logical writing situation, this should have been the main event next week] gave wrestling fans their fix.

More importantly, the promo work for Sacrifice was solid enough to make you think about a purchase.

All in all, it was one of the best episodes of the show this year.

After the first segment, which saw Kurt Angle confront Jeff and Karen Jarrett, Hulk Hogan confronted Ric Flair, who he thought was the network mole. Only a few minutes long, it was one of the worst acted scenes on the show and another reason why Hogan should not been on camera as much as he is. Promos are one thing, but this scene and ones like this, show Hogan’s age.

The promo between Beer Money and Matt Hardy on the other hand, was solid. With Chris Harris [who looks as if he’s gained about 35 pounds since his last appearance in TNA] announced as Hardy’s tag team partner, their match at Sacrifice will definitely be a solid one.

The appearance of Chyna [who got a huge pop], Harris and Foley definitely spice things up a bit, but what will their long term roles be? Is Harris in Immortal now? Will Chyna be the company’s newest knockout?

Questions. Questions. Questions.

That’s not a bad thing however, as TNA has been all too predictable the past few weeks.


Tara and Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James and Miss Tessmacher:
A four-minute match that saw Tessmacher beat Rayne with a delayed victory roll. Tessmacher still has serious work ahead of her before she can truly hang with the three of these knockouts in the ring, but is absolutely gorgeous and has already proven she can play to the crowd.

Sangriento [Amazing Red] vs. Suicide [Christopher Daniels]: After Sangriento got the win in their first bout last week in a sloppy affair, this match was much better. Sangriento stole the show with a twisting jump to the outside and a front drop kick from the top rope. Daniels got back in the game with his muffle stretch flip slam, but Sangriento eventually got the win with his springboard diamond cutter finisher.

Abyss vs. Samoa Joe vs. Crimson: Looks like Crimson is going to be pushed as a Randy Orton clone, with his crawling on the ring and what not. This was a solid match, with all three trading offense for about seven minutes. Crimson is still green though, but he’s making strides.

25-man Battle Royal for the #1 contender’s spot for the TNA Heavyweight Title:

First, here’s who participated:
Jeff Jarrett, Robbie E, Gunner, Jessie Neal, Matt Morgan, Hernandez, Robert Roode, Frank Kazarian, James Storm, Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles, Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, Mr. Anderson, Tommy Dreamer, Shannon Moore, Magnus, Doug Williams, Kurt Angle, Brother Devon, Scott Steiner, Orlando Jordan, Eric Young, Anarquia and The Pope.

Thoughts: Morgan was strong through the early going and eliminated five competitors all by his lonesome. In a moment of weirdness, Eric Young eliminated Gunner and then eliminated himself before he took the TV title and ran backstage.

Matt Hardy had some fun during the Battle Royal as well; he eliminated both members of Beer Money.

The final six were Styles, Ray, Anderson, Dreamer, Jarrett and Angle.

Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray were the last two left after Chyna took care of Jarrett. Ray got in some offense, but Anderson ultimately threw the former Tag Team champ out of the ring to be next in line for a title shot.

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