Not Exactly Black Metal

Being an active band for over four years now, Iwrestledabearonce has yet to disappoint well-devoted fans. With their energetic and humorous personalities, along with their rare style of tunes, it doesn’t seem that they’re slowing down anytime soon.

Their earliest full length album, ‘It’s All Happening,’ released in 2009, was and still is a huge success. Especially for those who enjoy avant-garde metal, as well as the constant mix of jazz, disco, swing, easy listening, grindcore and electronica throughout particular songs.

As of recently, with the jokesters that they are, Iwrestledabearonce decided to team up with and play a small prank on those who dedicate themselves to their music. They attempt to convince listeners that they are strictly shifting their genre to black metal.

In actuality, the band’s second and upcoming record, ‘Ruining It For Everybody,’ remains within the same category as their first; brutality combined with silliness. The only difference is that the CD’s eleven new tracks are crazier and more outrageous than ever before.

In order to make their joke more believable, the cover for the album displays all five members with completely altered physical appearances from what fans last remember them looking like.

The opening song for ‘Ruining It For Everybody’ is called “Karate Nipples.” With such a title, it’s quite obvious that this album isn’t going to include the seriousness of black metal.

As usual, Krysta Cameron (lead vocalist) is outstandingly impressive. The fact that she is able to switch from clean vocals to screaming/growling is absolutely mind-blowing. She perfectly places lyrics where they belong, allowing her choice of words to go smoothly with the instrumentals.

Steven Bradley and John Ganey, who both contribute with guitars, keyboards, samples and programming, create amazing riffs and interesting special sound effects that provide “Karate Nipples” with hardcore and calming vibes.

Mike Martin (bassist) sleekly follows along with the rest of the background music, while Mike Montgomery (drummer) accommodates hard-hitting beats that give that track a huge chunk of adrenaline.

Iwrestledabearonce has done it again.

“Karate Nipples” is quite the appropriate song for the new record to start off with. ‘Ruining It For Everybody’ is set to be released on July 26, 2011 on Century Media label. From what it seems, it will most likely be one of summer’s most valuable hits.

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