Divinity’s Tunes Missing Something

One of the most overlooked aspects of any video game is the music. Sure, the story and visuals are what everyone notices, but the music is what adds to the scene. It can sometimes make or break a decent game.

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga that comes included with the game is no exception.

One of the biggest problems with soundtracks is that these songs were meant to be heard along with scenes from the game to create an entire experience. Rarely do these songs stand out if they’re heard on their own. Thus is the case with Divinity II’s soundtrack. Many of these songs are very underwhelming and don’t stand out from the many fantasy songs out there. What’s worse is that these songs sound like carbon-copied songs from the Lord of the Rings movies. They would also have no meaning or context for anyone who has not played the game. They’re that underwhelming.

There are a few gems on the soundtrack however. “Goblins! No Time To Waste” has a nice jungle beat that’s catchy; “Sleepless Nights” is a dark Middle-Eastern sounding song that stands out; “Nasty Creatures And Restless Guard” is a fast-paced song that lets the listener think of a very fierce epic battle is taking place. “The Dragon Terror Patrol Will Prevail” is a nice hard rock track with a solid beat, wailing guitars.

It’s good enough for your I-pod.

In the end though four good songs out of twenty-one is not enough of a enough reason to own the soundtrack, even if it does come included with the game. People who have played the game may enjoy these songs, but those who haven’t will be underwhelmed by them. Songs on a soundtrack should be able to stand on their own without knowing the context of these songs is what makes a song good. Divinity II fails on all counts. You’re better off listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. You’ll get the same experience with better songs.

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