Enter the Norwegian Songstress

Ida Maria’s new album, “Katla” provides an edgy punk pop sound chock full of indie lyrics and beats to exploding electric guitar solos. Maria’s eight track album is a cross between Courtney Love, Adele, Joan Jett, and the Donnas – just to name a few. Although her sound is reminiscent of other musicians, she is nonetheless an artist all of her own. Her creative integrity and style are evident in each track, making this Norwegian songstress a force to be reckoned with here in the States.

Her first track, “Quite Nice People” is an acoustic indie song, most like the one’s heard at your local coffee shop. Her unforgettable soprano vocals come across as playful, but intertwined with a strong lyrical message.

Her next few tracks take you into the punk scene. “Bad Karma” is a hard-punching song full of great electric guitar riffs and memorable lines, “messed up my love life and my career.” It’s a powerful ode to karma, with a Joan Jett quality. “10,000 Lovers” is also an uptempo song with an catchy chorus, electric guitars and drum rhythms. This is a song will remind you why punk is clearly a genre unlike any other.

“Cherry Red,” “Lets Leave” and “I Eat Boys Like You For Breakfast,” are all fun, catchy, and appeal to the feminist rocker. Each song has a hard hitting attitude, and even harder guitar riffs and solos.

“Devil” is a track almost ten minutes long. The song begins with a slow beat, making it seem like a ballad one would hear come closing time at a bar. However, five minutes in, and the track transforms into an all instrumental piece with the electric guitar and bass bringing you back to 80’s punk.

The final track, “My Shoes,” ends the album with a simple indie ballad. This one can almost pass for a pop ballad- catchy, with a piano keys accompanying the lyrics – it’s Adele with a touch of Billy Joel.

Through all of this punch and power and enough pizzazz, it’s safe to say that Ida Marie has herself a hit album here.

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