True Blood Season Four Premiere: Not Worth Biting Into

The vamps are back and this time, there are major changes that take place in Bon Temps. “She’s Not There,” is the first episode of the fourth season of HBO’s vampire drama, “True Blood.”

In spite of witches, in addition to the usual cast of characters in the cast, this season premiere was lacking in creativity and predictably void of any real charisma.

It begins right where last season’s finale left off with Sookie in fairy land, where she meets some familiar faces, one of which is her grandfather. Sookie is in shock when she discovers that her grandfather has been in fairyland for 20 years, while he believed to have spent only 2 hours. While Sookie and her Grandfather make their escape, we find out why Sookie was captured in the first place. It comes to a surprise to Sookie when she gets back to Bon temps that she realizes she has been gone for a year. Although the episode got off to a solid start with all of these developments, it dragged the rest of the way, which will leave fans of this franchise angry due to the poor character development and weak plot.

When Sookie returns home, there are many changes that have taken place. For one, her house been sold, and she finds out from her brother Jason, who is now a cop, that she has been gone for a year. Andy Bellefleur has an addiction to Vampire Blood, which makes his once enjoyable character development obnoxious. Tara has moved to New Orleans as a cage fighter and has a love interest that will shock you. Lafayette has a new Mohawk and is forced to study witchcraft from his love interest. Bill is now the king of Louisiana, and his love for Sookie is still strong. Eric brings up the fact that he has not given up on Sookie while everybody else did. A funny part of this episode which seemed to be the highlight was when Eric cut a political promo that talked about how Vampires would be better candidates that actual politicians to run Louisiana.

But unfortunately, moments like this are too far and in between.

Overall, this season premiere of True Blood was extremely weak. It seems that there was more focus on spotty character development than an actual plot that would flow consistently throughout the season. The ending to the episode was especially flaccid and predictable. It is not a good sign when such an anticipated series has slowly continued its creative downward since the second season. It seems that the story lines have gotten weaker and less creative. Even the acting, once the hallmark of the show, has been repetitive.

As a result, the season four premiere of True Blood thus far has not created a buzz like previous seasons. As a matter of fact, this premiere was by far one of the weakest episodes in the series’ short history. It is absolutely not worth sinking your teeth into. Ultimately, there is more of a buzz kill than bite. Finally, the fad begins to die.

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