Curb Your Enthusiasm Season Eight Commentary: Sex and Chicken

Episode Commentary: Palestinian Chicken

Make no mistake; this is easily one of the best episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” …ever.

For anyone that isn’t a fan of the show, or has never experienced the “social assassin” style of comedy Larry David and his crew provide every week, this is a great episode to either sway them his way or convert them entirely.

Between the typical comedy you would expect from the show [Larry being incredibly politically incorrect and finding himself in situations both real and wacky] and a hilarious sex scene, “Palestinian Chicken” is the highlight of season eight thus far.

In the beginning, it appears that Larry is going to get himself in trouble the way he usually does- with his big mouth. While that ultimately is the case, to see so many small stories and instances of wit and hilarity sewn together so finely in the end proves that Curb is still one of the most entertaining shows on cable. It’s beautiful that after the first half f the episode that Larry is beginning to “get” it. He knows his big mouth is both his greatest asset and worst enemy. But even when he tries to keep it shut, the people around him expect the worst from him.

His only choice- continue to offend as many people as he can.

Well, that and eating chicken from a Palestinian restaurant in spite of his Jewish lineage and having sex with an uber-hot Palestinian chick who makes sure to remind him of his “filthy” faith during intercourse. That situation alone made the episode fantastic, but to have the recently converted Funkhouser downstairs listening to the entire endeavor made it classic.

The only sad part of this episode is that after one of his best comedic performances on the show, Leon [J.B. Smoove], was nowhere to be found. Luckily, to make up for that, Funkhouser’s [Bob Einstein] newly found faith and his tussles with Jeff and Larry provide an extra level to the already potent comedy.

What is the end result of all this craziness?

An episode that comes along once a season.

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