Hell’s Kitchen Season Nine Coverage: Bad Attitudes

Tempers flair and egos heat up in Hell’s Kitchen fourth episode. Elise and Carrie just can’t get along and Elise will stop at nothing to get Carrie off of Hell’s Kitchen. This is the sort of stuff the WWE creative team comes up with when they’re running low on ideas to fill up 30 minutes of Raw.

With that we get the days challenge: catch chickens, put them in a pen and choose an ingredient. Contestants must then form pairs and cook four chicken dishes using only those ingredients. It’s always a laugh to see Hell’s Kitchen contestants dress up in weird get-ups (this time overalls and rubber boots) and make complete idiots of themselves. Chino’s dive to catch a chicken makes look more like he should’ve played football instead of cooking.

The actual cooking part just shows Carries inability to do anything right by under-cooking her chicken. Meanwhile, Monterrey drops half his chicken on the floor. Exactly how hard was he cutting that chicken? The worst part is that today’s judges are the food editors for Entertainment Weekly and People magazine. Despite Carrie’s undercooked chicken the red team finally won a challenge.

While the red team was busy racing each other in go karts at K1 Raceway, the blue team cooked chicken stock. They also decided to rehearse dinner service. Once again, Chino shows that he’s completely lost by not remembering simple steps. This guy is going soon.

Elis’s attitude knows no bounds when she starts with sous chef Andi. Monterrey also gets an attitude with sous chef Scott all because Monterrey broke a piece of sea bass and all Scott did was tell him how to make it not break. One of the many rules in Hell’s Kitchen is to never start with the sous chefs and especially Ramsey. Both Scott and Andi were in the right this time.

With special guests sitting at the chefs tables, world champion volleyball players Misty May Treaner and Jen Keasy for the red and Olympic gold medal winning swimmers Mark Soitz and Janet Evans for the blue, the pressure heats up. Too bad both teams revert back to episode one and burn and under cook food. One of the worst is Tommy putting too much dressing on a Caesar salad. Isn’t properly dressing a salad one of the first things they teach you in culinary school? Chino, for the fourth time, messes up by under-cooking a beef wellington.

The last straw comes when Gina under cooks a lamb and Ramsey is forced to shut down both kitchens. Andi, Scott, and Ramsey are forced to complete the chef tables themselves.

Of course, Elise blames Carrie for the bad dinner service. What she didn’t see were Gina’s and her own mistakes. It all comes back to Carrie. Worst part is that nobody on the red kitchen stands up for Carrie. Forget Hell’s Bitches, this year it’s just Hell’s Bitch.

The red team finally stands up for Carrie at elimination by nominating both her and Elise. They also unanimously say Elise when Ramsey asks them who they think who should go home more. Chino finally gets eliminated. It was only a matter of time before he left.

Elise may have some skill in the kitchen, but her attitude sucks. She should go based solely on her attitude. She’s the reason there’s any drama on the red team. That doesn’t mean Carrie should stay either. She’s not that good either. With Chino gone the blue team is now better than the red. If Carrie and Elise go it will hard to tell which team is weaker. We just need to find out in the upcoming weeks.

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