Louie Season Two Coverage: Spank my Blueberry

Sure, the second episode of the second season of “Louie” has its moments where you laugh, but has a few more where you’ll pause and say to yourself, “What just happened”? And then you’ll most likely laugh again.

This episode, “Bummer/Blueberries” involves Louie on several awkward dates, one of which has him experience a scary moment on his way to meet one of his former dates. While Louie stands and waits for the light to change, he notices a homeless man run towards him in fury. While Louie successfully attempts to get out of the way and avoid an attack, the homeless man misses him and ends up in the middle of the intersection and is immediately blasted by a garbage truck and gets decapitated in the process.

Talk about a dramatic point in Louie’s life.

The funny part is that he walks away a bit dramatized but at the same time it was like the situation he was just in prior never happened.

When Louie meets up his date at the movie theater he decides to go for a walk instead. A serious moment in the show is when Louie opens up to his date and talks to her about life. While she warms up to him and notices that he is a good person and not a goof, Louie then tells her what had happened to the homeless guy. While Louie thought he was right to give her specific details about the horrible accent, he ends up with his foot in his mouth because she was freaked out and walks away. It is funny how when you think Louie finally has his moment with a woman and all is good and perfect, he still puts himself in an awkward situation. But when all is said and done the way he comes across is likeable, because he is a single father with a big heart, but at the same time… he’s still a big goof.

Later on, Louie takes his youngest daughter to school and he meets a parent Deloris, who offers Louie an invitation to her home. She is very blunt on her intentions. An awkward scene is when Louie and Deloris have sex and she tells him to spank her. She then starts to cry hysterically as she repeats “I’m sorry daddy.”

Because of the general weirdness, this episode was not as funny as the first. There were a few moments where it drew a few laughs, but they dulled down as the episode went on.

However, as solid as the show has been, there has to be a strong bounce back episode to come.

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