Louie Season Two Premiere: Giving Convention and Predictability the Finger

Louie CK is back for an all new second season of the hilarious comedy, “Louie”. The first episode in this second season premiere is entitled “Pregnant” and opens up with Louie brushing his youngest daughter’s teeth. What is outrageously funny about this scene is that she tells Louie how she loves her mother more than him and while you feel bad for Louie, you can’t help but laugh at the same time.

However, what puts the cherry on top of this scene is that while his daughter walks away, he quickly sticks his middle finger at her.

Because of moments like this, the episode is laugh out loud funny. Louie’s stand up comedy during this episode is about his youngest daughter and how he loves her, but he wishes that sometimes she was dead.

If you’re looking for brash and unpredictable humor, get comfy and watch this show.

Throughout this episode, Louie spends time with his two daughters, and while he cooks dinner, he gets an unexpected visit from his pregnant sister. The highlight of this episode is when Louie, during the night, hears his sister screaming in agony and thinks that her water has broke which will cause to go into labor. Throughout this commotion, Louie gets a knock on his door from his two neighbors that he doesn’t know, who offer to help. Louie is hesitant to leave one of his neighbors to watch his kids but then comes to his senses. When they get to the hospital, Louie’s sister is immediately helped by one of the doctor’s. Everyone thinks she is about to have the baby, but unexpectedly lays an enormous fart that immediately clears the room.

What was thought to be a woman in labor turned out to be just gas.

Overall, the first episode of this second season of Louie was hilarious. Louie ends the show with a standup comedy routine in which he talks about marriage, and his youngest daughter. What makes Louie CK a genius at his craft is that he always explores new elements to his comedy, and never goes back to his old style. As a result, this second season gets off to a great start.

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