Pure Alchemy

The velvet curtain is pulled aside once more as Coyol unveils “Tin Cup,” the fourth installment of a series of single releases off their unreleased EP.

Coyol’s debut self-titled EP is set to drop on September 6th. The master plan is to release each track separately until the date when the EP will be released in full. The newest addition to Coyol’s one-at-a-time single releases brings a different flavor and a new lead voice in “Tin Cup.”

In previous tracks the well trained and cherubic moody voice of female vocalist Céleigh Chapman has been the lead off singer. Her prowess sets the stage for a dramatic pick up by the unpredictable and free spirited John Isaac Watters. “Tin Cup” has Watters as the director of the song, with Chapman as a back up throughout the chorus and intermittent accents.

Early in the song Watters sings, “I’ll hang on every word / I love you for being subtle / and unrehearsed,” which is a perfect definition of a listener’s experience with his style. The syncopated characteristic his manner harvested here gives an impression of unrehearsed beauty. This has been witnessed in the former releases but this song is clearly Watters time. Chapman’s coy voice helps to keep the track grounded, which may not be possible if Watters acted alone.

Though somewhat refreshing, the production in Coyol’s latest installment is unflinchingly amateur. They continue the established lo-fi sound that could accompany the end credits to a post-apocalyptic movie. As the live-recorded acoustic guitar picks up a brief break its tone is noticeably hollow in comparison to the studio filler keys and drum kit.

College friend and previous band mate Will Gramling produced Coyol’s EP and provided the keyboard elements. The utilization of his faculties rather than a professional, not difficult for them to find in their L.A. location, gives the band a familiarity and personality not often recognized beyond local radio. Fortunately, it does speak volumes about the soul of a band.

What occurs here is alchemy; where the product is more than just the sum of its parts.

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