TNA Impact Wrestling Coverage: Still Clownin’ Around

TNA has a new world heavyweight champion.


Well, a demented, Joker-inspired version of him.

For fans not all too familiar with the company, that might come as a surprise, to see Mr. Anderson’s second reign as champ end just as quickly as the first, but hardcore fans know better.

Ultimately, it all stinks of TNA’s writer, Vince Russo. It’s all too reminiscent of the short title reigns in WCW during his tenure there. The same quick swerves and lack of consistency that destroyed the product there are just as prevalent in TNA. Rather than wait and let fans decide who they like in and out of the ring, Russo continues to give up on the right storylines entirely too fast and let the wrong ones go on entirely too long. The blatant thievery from the last Batman film is beginning to run its course as well, as it’s all too borrowed and not originally enough to captivate.

The outcomes of TNA’s current storylines are so beyond unpredictable that it essentially feels like a wait until disappointment.

Between Sting’s current gimmick, the lack of real competition in the TV and Tag team title pictures and the continued demise of Samoa Joe, TNA continues to lose ground every Impact. Every time you think things are about to turn around, TNA goes and shoots itself in the foot.


Bobby Roode vs. The Pope vs. Samoa Joe: Joe is in the same situation as Ted DiBiase was in most of 2010, as he’s watching his career go down the tubes. However, unlike DiBiase, Joe is a former world champ and has a career to lose. A decent encounter with all three getting a chance to strut their stuff, Roode won the match in spite of tapping out to Joe’s submission finisher.

Shannon Moore vs. Austin Aries: Aries got the win after he hit Moore with a chain behind the refs back. Full of high spots and some chain wrestling, Moore continues to be good enhancement talent and Aries looks to get in the X-Division title picture.

Tara vs. Madison Rayne: Two of the best female workers in the business cut a solid pace here and between Rayne’s ability as a heel and Tara’s widow’s peak finisher, this was a fun match. Now only of they’d put her in the knockout title picture.

Mexican America vs. The British Invasion: Two of only three real tag teams left in the company, these four had a good match with plenty of quick tags and double team maneuvers. However, rather than get a clean finish, Rosita interjected herself in the match up and helped earn her team the win. In spite of the solid in-ring work, there’s little charisma in this feud. It needs some more spice.

Sting vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA World Title: After Sting’s “clowns” took care of Immortal, he had little problem dispatching Anderson with the reverse DDT for the title. Now the champ, what will Sting do

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