Your Love is Like ‘Bad Evidence’

“Bad Evidence” is an up close and personal look at a marriage on the brink of destruction.

Its excellent ensemble cast makes this off-off Broadway shows seem like the real deal.

It is.

The play begins in the bedroom of Richard (Phillip Callen) and Leah (Carmit Lavite), after she hosts a dinner party with their closest friends. Leah is obviously ticked off and eventually wakes Richard up to argue and complain about Richards best friend Charlie (Len Rella), who “jokingly” told the entire party that after an accident, Richard believed Leah tried to kill him. Everyone laughed it off, except of course, Leah. If that wasn’t enough, she is also convinced Richard is involved in an affair with her close friend, Danielle.

The first half of the performance is an amazing emotional set up to the more loose and playful second half. The intimate setting of the bedroom and the dimmed lights make you feel like you’re in a private moment with a couple whose relationship hangs on a string.

“Bad Evidence” keeps its realistic tone with partial nudity, language and topics that aren’t afraid to push the envelope. The vivid sex scene between Richard and Leah leaves almost nothing to the imagination, but in a good way. The power and the intensity of the dialogue keep the audience hanging on every word as deep dark secrets are revealed.

The second act takes place the night after the first act at Danielle (played by Ana Grosse) and her husband Kevin’s (Ryan Lee) home. Danielle and Kevin are the polar opposites of Richard and Leah. They’re fun, overtly sexual and completely honest with one another. Danielle, the seductress, has one of her victims over, Jeremy, the assemblyman (Gary Lee Mahmoud), who she is having an affair with. Just as things are about to get hot and heavy Kevin walks in completely aware of the infidelity, in fact he doesn’t get angry about it… he thrives on it.

The second half is filled with twist and turns as the entire cast is stuck inside Kevin’s living room. Secrets are exposed, accusations are made and minds must be made up. Audiences will love “Bad Evidence” because it’s so relatable and realistic. Anyone who has been in a relationship, or is married will understand the volatile, yet loving relationship Leah and Richard have and root for them to work it out.

While Carmit Livite and Phillip Callen are the heart of the play, supporting cast mates, Len Rella and Gary Lee Mahmoud, bring laughter and smiles to an otherwise dramatic play. Thanks to all of these wonderful performances, “Bad Evidence” is an excellent adult drama that highlights the struggles of married life, and the joys.

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