A-List NY Coverage: Fashion Shows and Playgirl

No one ever said that watching the A-List would be easy. It’s like a roller coaster experience, you go up and up until they reach the top and then you come crashing back down to Earth.

That being said, this week’s episode was on the down side.

Ryan’s friend, designer Edwing D’Angelo, is going to put on a fashion show and Ryan has volunteered himself and the gang to be a part of it. Austin tells Reichen that he is slightly uncomfortable about working in a fashion show with Nyasia. Nonetheless, there is a light at the end of this silver cloud for Rodiney.

Mike and Rodiney travel across the country to an area outside of Los Angeles for a shoot. Rodiney is in the process of preparing for a second calendar and this time; it is geared towards men and women. The way that Rodiney classifies Brazilian people as sexual beings is insulting. This is not a fact, but example of the many stereotypes out there that people attach themselves to. Rodiney confides in Mike that he is bisexual and is dating a woman. If she is the same woman from the prior episode, it has not confirmed been yet.

Mike’s father is in town, so he and Mike’s boyfriend, Martin, are in attendance at a yet another gay event. The organizers of the event honored Mike for his stellar charitable work in favor of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community. Mike wants the public to see him, but only with clothes on.

Austin is still attempting to go through with the playgirl shoot. It’s been revealed that he has now been offered a cover and a twelve page layout. He is trying to seal the playgirl deal, but he is not willing to take the cash amount offered to him. Jake doesn’t know that he’s still in talks with the Playgirl representative. Let’s put this storyline on the back burner and get back to the fashion show.

Before the show starts, Austin lets the others know that Jake’s visa is running out and the two would probably have to leave to go back to Europe but he have a hard time dealing with the unwanted input from Nyasia. Austin is still being rude towards Nyasia and Derek at the fashion show, even through their concern and kindness.

With all of these developments, this ride is not over yet. This coaster may be on the down side but, like all rides, it will climb back to the climax point soon.

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