Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Episode 10: No More Drama

In this episode of Hell’s Kitchen, the chef’s performances are like a medium steak: they’re not rare and they’re certainly not well done.

The red team are shocked that Jamie got eliminated instead of Elise or Carrie. Jennifer tells them that they’re like Moe and Curly. In a way they are, except not as funny.

The day’s challenge is everyone’s favorite: a blind taste test. Too bad the chef’s palates are bad. They can only guess one or two foods, except for Elise who guesses three and wins it for the red team.

Their prize is going to the highest point in Hollywood Hills on horseback. Carrie shows off that she’s a Texas girl and knows everything about horseback riding when the horse urinates the second she gets close to it. Even the horses don’t like her.

Meanwhile, the blue team is busy turning grapes into jam. Tommy finds time to tell bad grape jokes. Eventually Natalie flips out and starts throwing grapes on the floor. Talk about sour.

Carrie is drunk. Really drunk. This doesn’t stop her and Elsie from arguing at bedtime though. It’s a nonstop cycle with these two.

At dinner service, Hell’s Kitchen is turned into a steakhouse. There’s a catch to this dinner service: It’s overbooked. Ramsey has one solution: There’ll be two dinner services. Each service will last 90 minutes with one team cooking and the other waiting tables. The red decide to wait tables first.

Besides Elise getting yelled at by Ramsey for not writing the ticket properly, the red team does a good job waiting tables. The blue, however, have a bad time cooking. Tommy is not communicating to anyone at all and Natalie can’t get the temperatures of a NY strip correct. Time runs out and no entrees leave the kitchen.

Service two is very similar to service one. Tommy is completely clueless and Ramsey tells him he writes like a nine-year-old. In the kitchen Elsie brings up raw bass and drops another. Carrie holds up the kitchen because she is having too hard a time at apps. They also don’t finish dinner service.

Ramsey tells the chefs that this was the worst any team has ever performed at this stage. Elise, of course, blames everyone and says she’s not the weakest when finally Jennifer tells her to shut up. It’s about time somebody told her to shut up.

Carrie is eliminated. It looks like the drama in Hell’s Kitchen is over.

However, Ramsey tells Elise to take off her jacket and the episode ends with a “to be continued.”

What could Ramsey have in store for next episode? Is Elise also gone from the competition? Besides that, now that Carrie is gone, who is going to feud with Elise? Whatever the case, Hell’s Kitchen is almost done and the current chefs, besides the obvious, may make the last few episodes some of the best in history.

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