Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Want a Beer?

It’s a drunken mess on this episode of Hell’s Kitchen. Grab your pint because you’re going to need it for this episode.

Hell’s Kitchen starts off with Krupa getting wasted and giving the other chefs a drunken show. Sure enough, she’s hungover and, to her dismay, the day’s challenge involves making a dish using beer. The judges for this challenge were two “beer sommeliers” Hallie and Christina.

If anyone is wondering, yes, Krupa’s hangover is affecting her performance. Cooking with beer first thing in the morning is not a good cure either.

Since the red team once again had an extra person, they had to choose which dish not to present to the judges. As usual, Carrie’s dish is picked.

The blue team wins this challenge. It’s becoming routine at this point. Their prize for the day is being VIP guests at the Long Beach Grand Prix Raceway, where they meet Indie car racers Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Simona Di Silvestro.

Meanwhile, it’s delivery day at Hell’s Kitchen and, to nobody’s surprise, Elise is complaining. This comes after she had a good cry after her team lost the challenge. And no, seeing women carrying around kegs of beer was not as sexy as those beer commercials make them out to be.

That night, the red team finally confronts Elise and they tell her how they really feel about her. They should’ve done this a long time ago. After this confrontation Elise starts to act nice at prep. It’s pretty obvious this is an act and she has ulterior motives.

It’s beer night at Hell’s Kitchen with beer towers at every table and two new menu items: Belgian ale stewed muscles and stout spiced venison. As usual, there are mess ups.

In the blue kitchen, Natalie can’t cook scallops. She has thirty scallops ready to refire. Will had no choice but to step in and show her how to cook. At this point in the show, scallops should not be a problem for the chefs, at all. Jonathan, meanwhile, has trouble cooking the wellingtons and blames Tommy for not prepping them correctly. This trend continues until both Natalie and Jonathan are thrown out.

Jonathan throws a temper tantrum as he leaves for the dorm. It’s unclear if this tantrum is warranted because the wellingtons not cooking properly are from Tommy’s poor prep work or from Jonathan not knowing how to cook one properly.

The red kitchen didn’t have the best service either. Communication is still a problem. Elise sends up a watery salad because not only did she not strain it, but also it’s floating around in water.  She even blames it on her favorite whipping boy, Carrie. Ramsey steps in and tells Elsie it’s her responsibility because she’s on apps. Krupa looked like she was still reeling from her hangover because she just can’t any meat.

Despite all this, both kitchens finish dinner service for once.

At elimination Natalie, Jonathan, Krupa, and Jamie are on the outs. However, it is Krupa who gets eliminated and the show ends with a “to be continued.”

What could Ramsey have in store for there to warrant a to be continued? Once again, Hell’s Bitches are the main source for drama on this show with Elise being the cause for it all. Elise may not be the weakest chef, but at this point she really needs to shut up or leave. She also needs to swallow her pride and just take the responsibility of the punishments.

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