TNA Impact Wrestling Coverage: Bad Writing and Blatant Product Placement

Unlike TNA’s Main Event on Impact last night, this article is not brought to you courtesy of Five-Hour Energy.

The creative team at TNA has clearly lost their mind.

After Kurt Angle’s heel turn at the last pay per view, the random changes continued. On Impact last night, they decided to turn Mr. Anderson face, again.

Continuing the haphazard writing that has overtaken the show for the past year, TNA may be getting to the point of beyond repair.

What does this move accomplish for the company? For a guy that won the TNA World Heavyweight title for a second time a few months ago, TNA has done an excellent job of ruining any momentum Anderson once had. As a matter of fact, every wrestler in TNA right now has zero momentum. The entire roster is in desperate need of a jolt of energy and some stability. The entire card last night on Impact as well was less than stellar. For a company that cares more about producing quality television than selling pay per views, they haven’t done a decent job of either lately.

TNA is a disaster and there aren’t many people in the industry that can fix it right now. Plain and simple, the creative team here is tearing this company, full of talented performers, to shreds.

Even worse, Angle’s promo last night was also a complete waste of time and sinks the company even further into mediocrity. TNA’s way of having someone shoot close to the way CM Punk has as of late on RAW, Angle informed the crowd that he was going to destroy the young talent of the company and that he held Dixie Carter personally responsible for his divorce.

Wait, so lets get this straight- Angle is essentially a one-man Main Event Mafia now? Or will he join Immortal?

Wow, what an illogically disaster of a storyline.

But wait, it gets worse. Afterward, Sting came to the ring to meet Angle and was soon beaten by Hulk Hogan, who was then revealed to be Angle’s informant and the reason why he turned heel in the first place.

But the worst thing that happened on Impact was the fact that Eric Bischoff announced that there would now be a 225-pound weight cap on the X-Division. In one felt swoop, the creative team has robbed the most entertaining division of its soul. Sure, most of the wrestlers in that division are under that weight, but that now means that wrestlers the likes of Hernandez, Samoa Joe, Abyss and anyone else who has some athletic ability, cannot compete there anymore. Perhaps that will make the Television Division more entertaining in the long run, but considering how mismanaged that division is as well, TNA continues to burn bridges.

Behind boring, detrimental and repetitive storylines such as this, TNA continues to be unable to captivate their TV audience.


Number One Contender’s Match for the TNA Knockouts Title: Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James:
A match that James dominated and ended up victorious after she hit her jumping DDT. A decent contest, Rayne played the heel well and looked like a younger, sexier Selma Blair with her new hair color.

Robbie E. w/ Cookie vs. X-Division Champion Brian Kendrick [Non-Title Match]:
Kendrick got the quick win after Cookie accidently sprayed her man with hairspray in the eyes, leaving himself wide open for the Sliced Bread #9 from Kendrick, who also debuted his new, boring theme music. Easily one of the most lackluster X-Division matches on Impact in quite some time. After the match, it appeared Robbie had enough of Cookie’s antics and the two are no longer a pair.

Bound for Glory Series Match: AJ Styles and Rob Van Dam vs. Devon and The Pope vs. Beer Money: Best match of the night that saw Beer Money work together well. That led to a miscommunication between Devon and The Pope, which led to Roode getting the win courtesy of his Fisherman Suplex finisher. Overall, every wrestler had a few seconds to throw a couple of moves together. This would have made an excellent opening match.

Jackie and ODB vs. TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Tara and Brooke Tessmacher: What do you get when you get two rusty competitors, a green one and a capable one? You get a mess of a match. The dumb story attached to it didn’t help either as well as the double roll-up finisher. Snore.

Bound for Glory Series Match: Four Corners Match: Crimson vs. Scott Steiner vs. Gunner vs. Bully Ray:
Crimson sold a beating for five or six minutes to only steal the match with a roll-up. After the match, Angle hit the ring and continued Immortal’s beating on the youngster.

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