True Blood Coverage: Backseat Sex and Ghosts

With only three episodes left, “True Blood” is about to embark on a war that involves the viscous vamps and the mother of all Witches, Antonia. However, this latest episode did not leave you as excited as you would’ve hoped.

As one storyline that involved the mysterious ghost woman and baby Mikey was put to a close and was one of the major themes of this episode, it left you with a bitter taste in your mouth.

Ultimately, it was a major waste of time and served absolutely no purpose for this season.

As for Sookie, it was expected that she would pull through after last week’s finale, but after she awakes to Alcide and Bill by her side, the only person she thought about was Eric. What she doesn’t know is that he is under one of Antonia’s spells.

Several of the storylines pick up as we see Alcide put in a situation he clearly does not want to be in that involves
Marcus and Sam.

However, the man who ends up in a dire situation is Sam’s brother, Tommy. Things pick up Jason finally decides to not hold back while he and Jessica have a memorable sex scene in the back of his pick up truck. He just better hope that Hoyt won’t find out. There is a funny hunch that he will, and it won’t be emotionally pretty for both of them, because after all they are best friends.But it will provide some good TV.

As Bill prepares for the Tolerance meeting, his security is beefed up, as we anticipate a showdown with Antonia. Now that Eric is under her spell, Sookie teams up with an unlikely source in order to try and stop him from attacking Bill. As the episode comes to its climax, we see Sookie warn Bill, but it is too late, as the vampires present are all under Antonia’s spell, which makes for an all out war next week.

In spite of this drooling anticipation, this episode was weak. It did not leave you excited as the previous ones. What was disappointing is that Eric’s character while under the spell of Antonia has gone from bad to worse. It seems that he is no longer a threat and the premise of this storyline seems rushed. The anticipation that involves the witches and vamps has the feel of season two when empire of the sun were involved.

You remember how that ended, right?

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