A-List NY Coverage: Botox and Playgirl

As this season goes on, there is only one way that all of the drama, jealousy and sexual tension can go and that is up. This pot will reach the boiling point again before the season ends.

Austin invites his personal trainer, one of his few friends, to the Hamptons with him and Jake. The others are be in attendance too. The group was invited to support of the charity, God’s love we deliver. The organization prides itself on serving more than 4,000 meals a day to men, women and children who have acquired HIV and AIDS and other illnesses in the New York City area.

The boys, minus Austin, have a “spa day,” in order to look their best on their trip to the Hamptons. By spa day, they mean a day of botox injections. Rodiney lets Reichen know what happened between him and Nyasha in his absence. When Nyasha arrives, she and Rodiney get into it as well. Nyasha gives up rather quickly and dishes out an apology to Rodiney. They should be nicer to Rodiney, he is on his way to becoming a major figure in the fashion world.

Rodiney was offered the cover of Instinct magazine for their September issue. Landing the cover of this magazine is a big deal. It is one of the most popular gay magazines throughout the United States. Instinct has only openly gay and bisexual men on its covers.

Jake meets up with Derek in the hopes of helping him and Austin mend their friendship. Austin needed his husband to start the dialogue between him and Derek while he handled some other matters.

Austin decides, surprisingly, not to go through with the playgirl shoot. It took six episodes for him to say no. It wasn’t that he was uncomfortable with the nudity aspect of it, the issues with Jake’s acceptance or Reichen’s nude pictures hitting the internet, it was mostly money that sealed his decision.

The gang finally gets out to the Hamptons and they decide to have a round of golf to pass the time before the event. Later in the weekend, Austin is portrayed as being living, talking and walking repellent for the boys. No one wants to even be near him, especially Derek.

Austin and Derek have, yet another, blow up and what a blow up it was. There is no amount of apologizing that Austin can do that will persuade Derek forgive him. Derek is adamant about not being friends with Austin ever again.

One more episode down and the season is still not finished yet. Something feels like the unresolved issues between these men will not really be resolved anytime soon.

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