A-List NY Coverage: Mounting Drama

It has been a weird number of episodes where friendships die and relationships are on the brink of collapsing to, suddenly, having all of their issues ironed out. It is odd to think about ending drama, but it needs to be done in order to make room for new issues. This episode does just that.

Austin and Jake still have not decided on a venue for their vow renewal ceremony. In addition to their upcoming nuptials, the two want to raise awareness of the continuous struggle that gay, bi-national couples go through in the United States. They enlist the help of photographer, David Ross and the two pose for his latest photo book. Austin and Jake may seem like they are in cloud nine, but many can see right through their façade.

Reichen and Rodiney meet for drinks. Rodiney is bursting at the seams to tell Reichen that Austin and Jake’s relationship has been built on nothing but lies. One week before the two were married, Jake cheated on Austin. To add insult to injury, while Jake was on England, Austin cheated on him.

Derek, Ryan and TJ try to help Nyasha find a date via the outlet of online dating. It hasn’t worked yet but, she does manage to land a date with a man named Rocco whom she met at the previous fashion week. The two seemed to hit it off and are looking forward to a second date.

Mike is in the middle of directing a music video for singer Brian Kent’s latest single, “Su-su-su-superstar.” Rodiney is featured in the video. So now, Rodiney has been on calendars, magazine covers, in music videos and on run ways; he is taking the fashion world by storm.

Everyone seems to have their own private, turned public, concerns about Austin and Jake’s relationship. With the two cheating on each other, issues with immigration and now the verbal, alleged physical, altercations, the two of them are just one step away from begging for help from others.

The gang meets up for Reichen’s annoying half-birthday party. Rodiney shows up the party with Liza, his new girlfriend, to the surprise of the others.

It looks like Derek does have a limit to how much Austin can apologize and Derek caves and decides to give Austin another chance.

Well, with only a few more episodes left, the A-listers are giving the people what they want, more interesting events to talk about. Everyone who is a fan will be watching to see how this season will climax.

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