A-List NY Coverage: The Drama Continues

The series is now beginning another ascent on the drama coaster. It’s another, exciting life in the city of celebrities with fights, laughs, tears and wigs.

Nyasha is auditioning models for the launch party of her company, Embrace Your Hair. She is looking to include four models for the hair show. Yeah, that’s the way to go, embrace your hair by wearing wigs.

Ryan and Derek visit Nyasha to check in. Our resident business woman and mother is in “consistent business mode” and wants to have more time for herself. She’s ready to start dating again. Austin and Jake, the happy couple, want to start dating again as well.

Austin and Jake want to renew their vows for their upcoming anniversary. The upcoming nuptials take a backseat now that more evidence has emerged to make Jake think that Austin is still not over Reichen. In order to settle the score and rumors, Austin sets Reichen up on a blind date and he and Jake tag along. During the date, Austin is behaving like a jealous ex and begins flirting with Reichen. This display of poor judgment is making everyone on the date uncomfortable.

Jake lets Austin know how he feels about the Reichen situation and Austin is not happy with the conversation. If Austin wants to have a bachelor’s party before he renews his vows, he has to control his actions. He is running out of friends to invite to his parties. Jake is not the only partner of an A-lister who is uncomfortable with their living conditions.

Martin has two kids from a previous relationship, a boy and a girl, and he misses them deeply. He and Mike are reviewing what their options are on Martin’s rights and possible limitations to visiting with his kids.

Towards the end of the episode, Nyasha arrives fashionable late to her party. After a successful launch and several rounds of drinks, the gang goes out for more drinks at the after party. This was where Rodiney and Nyasha had their falling out. Rodiney feels he needs to stand up for Reichen in his absence after Nyasha says something “offensive” about him. He expresses that he feels she is being rude to the two of them and, in retaliation, she decides to leave her party early.

The friendships on this show are too fickle. One moment, they are friends and in the span of two episodes, they can’t stand each other. It’s the life of a true A-lister. The action doesn’t stop here; the newest point of climax is approaching fast.

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