‘Charlie’s Angels’ Recap: Not So Angelic

Charlie’s Angels lacked a little bit of every aspect to make the entire show just, well, lacking.

The 30-second Angel background intros of Gloria (Nadine Velazquez), Kate Prince (Annie Ilonzeh) and Abby Sampson (Rachael Taylor) begin the show. That was kind of cool, but Executive Producer Drew Barrymore decided to introduce them the same she did it in her movie. Boring.

Then, the Angels and Bosely (Ramon Rodriguez) very quickly complete the task of finding a 16-year-old girl who has been captured and is about to be sold into the sex trade industry. Being the Angels that they are, of course they rescue her.

During that first ten minutes, you’ll wonder, “Isn’t Minka Kelly supposed to be on this show?” Well, one Angel is blown up in her car, and Kelly becomes the newest Angel named Eve French.

The pilot continues by finding out who killed Gloria and capturing a millionaire sex trafficker from El Salvador. The killer is linked somehow to Gloria, and so is Eve to both of them.

So, Bosley is young and hot. Who seriously thought this was a good idea? The thought process of trying to appeal the coveted 18-49 year-old demographic is understandable, but it comes off as trying too hard.

Most of the lines the cast is given to say are cheesy and not thoughtful. “You need to make a phone call, and it better be Oscar worthy,” is just one example. The acting isn’t great either, but it’s hard to act well when the writing is so deplorable.

“If the film (or TV show in this case) is bad, it’s because of the writing; if a film is good, it’s because of the writing.”

The stunts are pretty cool, but mainly just pretty. They weren’t even as good as the ones in the second Charlie’s Angels movie.

Ultimately, Victor Garber saves this show, but he doesn’t really act at all. He is the voice of Charlie, and his voice is as close to any Charlie voice ever heard.

Well, at least the names and story lines are new.

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