Hell’s Kitchen Coverage: Sticking Around

Being charitable is out of the question in this episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

Ramsey is not happy about last night’s service. He’s says the biggest problem was with time management. So this episode’s challenge is about time management. One person from each team must cook a dish in 30 minutes, another in 20 minutes, and the last in 10.

Jennifer decides to go for the 30 minute dish because she feels she needs the time. The blue team chooses Tommy for the 30-minute dish because, well, he’s not very good. Elizabeth and Paul do the 20-minute and Will and Elise do the 10.

Jennifer thinks her lamb is undercooked, but Ramsey assures her that it’s fine and she gets the point for the red. However, Elise’s undercooked calamari and Elizabeth’s bland couscous causes the blue team to win. Elise has a good cry about this.

While the blue team is out shopping at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, the red team needs to set up Hell’s Kitchen for its first ever black tie charity dinner. Of course, Elise finds this a good time to play leader. This will come back to haunt her later.

At dinner service, Ramsey decides to try something a little different. There are six courses for the dinner and Ramsey tells the chefs that they are responsible for two dishes and they must tell their team members what to do. Each team is also responsible for a certain charity. The red team is responsible for the American Cancer Society and the blue team is responsible for the American Humane Society. Ramsey will use this service to determine who is worthy of having a black jacket.

Elise takes this time to be her usual bossy self, which does not go over well with the red team. Elise even admits that she is not a team player because nobody on the red team is. This is only the start of their problems. When it’s time to serve the cappelini, both Elise and Elizabeth take way too long to plate. Elise also put different number of lobster pieces in each dish. For someone who talks big she sure has no idea how to properly plate a pasta dish. Jennifer tells Elise to “back off” and that she will finish plating.

Other problems the red team suffers are Elizabeth cooking the chicken way too soon and makes up a bad excuse that she wants them to sit a while. Ramsey says that they are ready now. This causes that table to be cleared of the previous course too early. Looks like that time management exercise didn’t help.

It should also come as no surprise to anyone that Elise does not communicate at all and does not want help on her wellington dish because she “does not trust anybody.” She also serves raw apples for dessert. Hopefully she’ll get hers soon.

It should also be noted that Jennifer has declared war on Elise. It’s a bit too late for that now, love.

The blue team fares much better than the red despite a bad start. The bad parts are Tommy making risotto in three pans and they taste different. Ramsey wants them all to taste the same. Not to mention his communication skills are still lacking. He does bounce back after Ramsey yelled at him though making this his epic comeback. They finish before the red team.

At elimination, the drama continues as Elise and Jennifer keep yelling at each other for the usual reasons that we have established in episode one. It sounds like two cats killing each other.

At first, it seems Elise is finally eliminated, but is given a red jacket instead. Elizabeth, despite her crying and pleading, is eliminated.

It’s down to the final five and surprisingly, Elise is still in it. It should be entertaining to see how Jennifer and Elise’s war plays out. It would also be entertaining to see how the blue team will handle Hell’s Bitch #1. Tommy may have had an epic comeback, but he is going home regardless.

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