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Episode Commentary: Ashes

“Rescue Me,” one of the most successful TV series on FX, has come to an end after seven seasons. The question that will loom over fans of the show now is, were they satisfied with its climax? For starters, this final episode, “Ashes,” started out intently, but quickly died down as we have a final moment with members of 62 truck.

Throughout this series, we witnessed the exploits of a broken and battered Tommy Gavin [Denis Leary]. His ups, downs and dark way of life was simply entertainment to the audience. Until now when we get to see how it all ends for him. Most will be satisfied, but others will be disappointed. However, the truth of the matter is, “Rescue Me” gave us a hell of a ride and great television over the past decade and this last hurrah should define the entire series.

This final episode has the members of 62 truck pick up the pieces and try to cope with the aftermath of a fire that took place in the previous episode. While there were some moments that made you laugh and draw a tear, the bottom line is that “Rescue Me” did not go out with a blaze; it was more like a shot of Jamison with no buzz afterwards. It did however go out in an appropriate manner, one which will leave the audience with a somewhat frustrated exhale, instead of an intense heart pound.

Overall, this final season of “Rescue Me” was more comical than dramatic. Probably the funniest season of all. While the fire has been put out on “Rescue Me,” the ride was well worth it. You can’t help but think the finale could have been much better.

Although the climax to this series was a bit predictable, the laughs that were created kind of made you forget how dark this show really was. As for Tommy Gavin, don’t expect a dark end for him, but more of redemption as he goes out with a blaze of glory.

As the final fire is fought and the final ride has ended, “Rescue Me” will be missed, despite the fact that the finale was ultimately long overdue.

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