This Isn’t the End

The battle we’ve been waiting for is finally here. William Shakespeare, armed with his enchanted quill and backed by his band of do-gooder characters battle against those who wish to rule over the land. Richard III, Lady Macbeth and Iago will all do just about anything to have Shakespeare’s power, even murder.

Issue 12 of Kill Shakespeare  is a great round up to an original series. Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery bring everything together full circle as soon as you turn the cover page. The classic literature buff in us all are fulfilled by the continuation of the stories we’ve grown to love and it is acted out in just the way we hoped. Othello has his chance to get his revenge and Juliet isn’t just a girl in a balcony anymore; there is the right amount of action and violence, but never once does it lose it’s grace.

With all the turmoil going on in this issue, it is a bonus to see the same continuity from previous issues. The use of old English speech and amazing art work to compliment it, it is easy to forget that these characters are older than the idea of a graphic novel itself.

Without giving too much away, readers know that this will not be the end. Yes, we’d love to have the good prevail, but there is always that shred of hope that evil will return to ruffle a few feathers.

Kill Shakespeare Vol. 1 Sea of Trouble (issues 1-6) is currently available, with volume two (issues 7-12) due to release in October.

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