Whoopi Goldberg Adopts Kitten Dropped on NYC Bridge

Whoopi Goldberg gushed on Facebook last week about the newest member of her household: a Russian blue kitten that was 5 weeks old when a mysterious driver allegedly hurled him out of a car window last month on the Verrazano Bridge.

Although Animal Care & Control officer Richard Gentles dubbed him Verrazano after witnessing the alleged incident and picking him up near the edge of the bridge, Goldberg said she nicknamed him Vinny.

“He hit the side of the wall,” Gentles told ABC-TV the following week. “He’s incredibly lucky.”

As for whoever might’ve flung the kitten, a spokesman for AC&C told Gothamist its staffers had “no new leads.”

Of more than 140 people who contacted AC&C about adopting it, the organization said Goldberg was one of the first. She wrote on Facebook that she’s also the proud owner of Oliver, a cat that’s hairless.

“Oliver’s not too happy, but Vinny is having the time of his life,” she said. “I think he’ll get Oliver to come around.”

This article was originally published on AllMediaNy.com

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