A-List NY Coverage: Almost Over

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  This season of of A-List: New York is nearly the finish line, but not without a few more examples of what they are good at, causing a raucous.

Derek and Ryan go shopping for a store front. Derek wants to use the store front to have a launch party for his Tan-sexual (TANSXL) product line. His product seems to be pretty popular as spray tans go. Mike also has a few products to endorse.

Mike has wrapped up another celebrity photo shot with recording artist, Jessie J. Mike and Rodiney premiere his second calendar. It is less of a calendar and more of a miniature version of a high end coffee table book.

Still fuming from his encounters with Austin last year, Reichen wants to confront him about his infidelity rumors. He should probably just let it all go. The words of a proven hypocrite should mean nothing to people who, periodically, make a few bad choices. Speaking of Austin, he still has unfinished business with Nyasha.

Buckle up for Austin and Nyasha, round three. Austin tries again to apologize to Nyasha but he just can’t seem to get it right. He continuously tries to defend his character more so than realizing that Nyasha is hurt and just wants to hear a proper apology from him.

Derek’s launch was a smash and all of the members were there, everyone minus Austin. Their friendship is on the rocks again and Nyasha, and their clash earlier, was cited as the reason why Austin didn’t attend Derek’s party.

Sparks will fly at Austin’s bachelor party. That is if anyone actually attends. Both Austin and Nyasha have events coming up in Atlantic City. There is a group consensus circulating that everyone will boycott Austin’s party and attend Nyasha’s instead.

The A-listers never cease to amazing their viewers. Don’t miss the season finale; it looks like they saved the best arguments for last.

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